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Toddler behavior and discipline: 10 tips 

1. Stay calm and composed while disciplining toddlers. Reacting angrily can make the situation worse.

2. Set clear boundaries and rules for your toddler to follow, and be consistent in enforcing them.

3. Use positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior instead of solely relying on punishment.

4. Keep in mind that toddlers are still learning and developing, so be patient and understanding.

5. Redirect your toddler's attention when they display undesirable behavior.

6. Use timeouts as a last resort for discipline, and keep them brief and age-appropriate.

7. Use simple language and short explanations to help your toddler understand why their behavior is not acceptable.

8. Praise and acknowledge good behavior whenever you see it.

9. Avoid physical punishment as it can have negative effects on your toddler's emotional well-being.

10. Remember that consistency and positive reinforcement are key to effective toddler discipline.