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Top 10 Dog Perfumes For Your Furry Friends

Discover the top 10 best perfumes for dogs and find the perfect scent for your furry best friend. Choose the right perfume for your pooch!

Basil Woody Walk, a premium dog perfume made with natural ingredients, keeps your pet's coat fresh and silky. Safe for sensitive skin, kills bacteria.

 Basil Woody Walk

ArmourMe Dog Spray Perfume eliminates bad odours and leaves a fresh scent. Made with natural ingredients, safe for your pet's skin and coat.


Emily Pets Pet perfume eliminates unwanted odours and leaves a long-lasting pleasant scent. Made from natural ingredients, safe for your pet's coat and skin.

Emily Pets Pet perfume

Captain Zack Scent'sationally Yours controls odours and pH balance while leaving a long-lasting, safe fragrance. Formulated with natural ingredients.

Captain Zack Scent’sationally Yours

Wahl Doggie Puppy Deodorant keeps your pet smelling fresh with a safe, gentle formula. Eliminates bad odours and provides a refreshing scent for hours.

Wahl Doggie Puppy Deodorant

VetSafe Dog and Cat Cologne refreshes your pet's scent between baths. Gentle formula masks urine smell, perfect for toilet training. Pleasant fragrance.

VetSafe Dog and Cat Cologne

Eliminate unpleasant odours with this dog perfume, leaving a refreshing ocean scent. pH balanced and gentle on your pet's skin, perfect between baths.

Pet Mankind Fondapet Dog perfume

Wiggles Odopro Dog Deodorant Perfume is a safe, organic spray that eliminates pet odours. pH balanced, gentle formula with a long-lasting fragrance.

Wiggles Odopro

ODO-RITE Pet perfume keeps your pet smelling fresh with a safe, natural formula. Bio-technological product eliminates odours in seconds. Suitable for all pets.

ODO-RITE Pet perfume

Get rid of pet odours with PET360 ODOCLEAN, a natural and effective solution. Safe and non-toxic formula neutralises stubborn odours and lasts long.