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Top 10 Famous Food  Of New Jersey

Let's make a list of famous NJ foods, unique to the state. Share your thoughts! Hungry already? Let's get started.

Get fresh, juicy NJ tomatoes from your garden or local produce stand! Perfect for sandwiches, Caprese salads, or a tasty snack.

Jersey Tomatoes

"NJ's famous white corn is a sweet delight!

Jersey Corn

Move over other states, NJ's Hammonton is the real blueberry capital of the world!


NJ's Pine Barrens has abundant cranberry bogs! Don't miss the Chatsworth Cranberry Festival in the fall!


New Jersey's pizza is a must-try! Grab a slice on any boardwalk this summer. Tomato Pie is a bonus!


Roll like a true Jersey native with a pork roll or Taylor ham sandwich!

Taylor Ham/Pork Roll

Move over Philly, NJ's got the best  Cheesesteak! 


Only in NJ! Enjoy our famous saltwater taffy at any boardwalk. No saltwater in the Great Lakes!

Salt Water Taffy

Late-night diner runs are a Jersey tradition! Nothing beats it after a night out.

Disco Fries

Jersey's iconic sub sandwich is a must-try! Check out White House Subs in Atlantic City.

The Sub Sandwich