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Top 10 Healthcare Technology Trends

AI is one of the most important healthcare technologies, with applications such as analysing patient information and other data.

Artificial Intelligence

Data integration and predictive analysis, when combined with AI and other technologies, aid in extracting relevant insights about patients' conditions.

Predictive Analysis

There are also digital therapeutics (DTx), and some applications are becoming capable of completing patient intakes and providing an initial diagnosis.

Technology in Mental Health

The term "Internet of Things" (IoT) refers to both the overall network of interconnected devices and the technology that enables inter-device and inter-cloud communication.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Such digital therapeutics can be prescribed by a doctor and made available to patients via computer or smartphone app. 

Digital Therapeutics

Wearables, also known as wearable technology, are a type of electronic device that can be worn as an accessory,.

Wearables in Healthcare

3D printing is used in the healthcare industry to create external prostheses, cranial or orthopaedic implants, and personalised airway stents.

Organ Care Technology

We already mentioned cancer in this article, but we didn't mention immunotherapy, which is a type of cancer treatment.

Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer, as previously stated, can be detected using image recognition. VR can be used in physical therapy to treat conditions..

Augmented & Virtual Reality

As the world strives for a more sustainable future, healthcare is also attempting to improve the environment, for example, by providing ecolabelling.

Sustainability and decarbonisation