Top 10 low calorie fast food

We've gathered the best low-calorie options from 10 popular fast-food restaurants. Now you can confidently satisfy your hunger and stay healthy.

McDonald's added healthier options to their menu. Portion size affects calorie intake, for example, 10 McNuggets are under 500 calories.

Burger King's menu is calorie-heavy, but there are reasonable options like classic burgers and Jr. versions with less calories, despite the added cheese and sauces.

Taco Bell offers vegetarian and meat-based items, which are low-calorie and delicious. Tacos, burritos, and the Mexican pizza are satisfying and diet-friendly

Wendy's menu has high-calorie food, like Dave's Single, Double, Triple, and Baconator. However, there are delicious low-calorie options too.

Dairy Queen has delicious desserts, but they also offer meal items like chicken sandwiches and baskets with high calories. However, you can still enjoy a salad, hot dog.

KFC has low-calorie sides like green beans (25 cal) and corn on the cob (70 cal). You can also enjoy their signature chicken items.

Sonic's menu includes affordable items and some low-calorie meals to help you cut back on calories without breaking the bank.

Arby's has low-calorie options like the classic roast beef sandwich and Beef 'N Cheddar, both under 400-500 calories, but skip the extra cheese.

Stick to bowls for low-calorie options at Chipotle, and use their nutrition calculator to personalize your order and meet your needs.

Chick-fil-A has entire meals under 500 calories, like 8 nuggets (260 cals), BBQ sauce (45 cals), ices tea.