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Top 9 Scientists in the world and their Inventions

Tesla invented the transistor, the first space-based radio wave recorder, the first cryogenic engineering experiment, and the first hydroelectric power plant near Niagara Falls.

Nikola Tesla

Einstein, one of the twentieth century's greatest physicists, challenged the CERN scientists with his Special Theory of Relativity.

Albert Einstein

Newton's laws apply to many fields, including chemistry, optics, and mechanics, and he invented the reflecting telescope.

Sir Isaac Newton

He invented what he dubbed "pasteurisation," a way of toning and treating milk that is devoid of harmful microorganisms. 

Louis Pasteur

Created the pitch-blend, a radiation source capable of producing radiation stronger than uranium or thorium.

Marie Curie

He invented the kinetoscope, a device for viewing moving images, and he improved on Graham Bell's telephone. He was witnessed working nearly two full days.

Thomas Alva Edison

Faraday is most known for discovering diamagnetism, the magneto-optical effect, field theory, electromagnetic inductions and rotations, and diamagnetism.

Michael Faraday

Galileo discovered four moons that orbit Jupiter and have been named after him.

Galileo Galilei

He described the first finite geometric progression and calculated the area and volume of spherical and parabolic segments.