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Top 10 Tech Companies in the U.S.

In addition to its 154,000 direct employees, Apple also employs hundreds of thousands of people worldwide through its suppliers. 


In 1998, Google was established significantly earlier.  DeepMind, a company that does artificial intelligence research, and Calico, a biotechnology researcher, are further Alphabet companies.


Along with being the parent firm of subsidiaries like Skype and LinkedIn, Microsoft is the maker of well-known goods like Office Suite and the Xbox.


The business has increased its influence in the social media sphere and is foraying into virtual reality with the Oculus and the Metaverse. 


From personal computers and smartphones to cybersecurity and cloud storage, Dell offers a wide range of digital goods and services.

Dell Technologies

The biggest producer of semiconductor chips in the world is Intel, which was established in 1968.  For personal computers, Intel focuses on processors and graphics components. 


IBM presently manufactures and distributes a wide range of computer hardware and software, and is credited with creating ATM machines and magnetic stripe cards. 


HP, founded in 1939, is the second largest vendor of personal computers in the world. While it specializes in personal computers, HP also produces printers and 3D printing solutions.


Cisco Systems, also known simply as Cisco, was founded in 1987 and is a manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and networking software. 

Cisco Systems

Tesla, which operates in the strange middle ground between technology and transportation, also manufactures renewable energy solutions such as solar panels and battery energy storage systems.