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Top 10 Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthier 

Spaying a female dog prevents her from becoming pregnant and can help prevent breast cancer and pyometra, or uterine infection.

Spay Or Neuter

By three months of age, the protective antibodies naturally passed along through mother's milk have been depleted, and your puppy requires vaccination to help protect him or her against a variety of common infectious diseases.


An annual health check allows your veterinarian to nip any illness or health concerns in the bud before they become major difficulties and expenses. 

Visit Your Vet

Monthly applications should be administered based on your dog's weight. When preparing for your flea battles, keep in mind that you must treat all of your pets, not just those with visible fleas.

Declare War On Fleas And Ticks

Giving your dog one dose monthly of a tablet, like Heartguard, can stop heartworm before it starts.

Treat Heartworm

Walking and playing with your dog will maintain your little companion physically fit and mentally healthy, as well as lessen the likelihood of aggressive and destructive behaviour.

Exercise Your Dog Every Day

Arthritis, liver disease, and coronary disease are just a few of the health issues facing an overweight dog.

Watch Your Dog’s Weight

First, inspect your dog’s coat and skin for swelling, flakes or scabs. Then look into your dog’s ears and eyes for any signs of redness or discharge.

Weekly Health Checks

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center compiled a list of foods that could be dangerous, even poisonous for your dog: alcoholic beverages, chocolate, and others.

Stay Away From Dangerous Foods

Bad breath can be a sign of teeth or gum problems.  Particles of food, saliva, and bacteria known as plaque can build up on the gums and teeth and cause infection.

Brush Those Teeth!