Top 6 Goal-Achievers Zodiac Signs


Saturn, the planet of discipline and hard effort, rules Capricorn, an earth sign that pursues success relentlessly. Capricorns establish high standards and work hard to reach their goals.


Scorpio, a water sign governed by Pluto, the planet of transformation and power, is naturally focused. Even when faced with obstacles, their persistence and devotion drive them forward.


Mars, the planet of action and leadership, rules Aries, a fiery sign with an insatiable desire to lead. Arians have lofty ambitions, but their courage and excitement help them succeed.


Leo, a fire sign controlled by the Sun—energy and confidence—has a magnetic charisma that drives them forward. Leos' confidence inspires others to follow their dreams.



Mercury, the planet of communication and intelligence, rules Virgo, an earth sign that plans and details goals. Virgos carefully plan their course, helping them to reach their goals.


Venus, the planet of beauty and values, rules Taurus, an earth sign of endurance and determination. Taureans aim for real goals and build solid foundations.

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