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Top 6 Wow Scene of "The Crown" 

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in Season 1, Episode 5, which features a stunning recreation of the elaborate ceremony and showcases the grandeur of the monarchy.

The depiction of the Aberfan disaster in Season 3, Episode 3, which is a heartbreaking and powerful scene that explores the Queen's emotional response to the tragedy.

The tense conversation between Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth in Season 2, Episode 7, where Margaret demands the right to marry her true love, Peter Townsend.

The depiction of Prince Charles' investiture as Prince of Wales in Season 3, Episode 6, which highlights the complexities of Welsh nationalism and the monarchy's relationship with it.

The confrontation between Princess Diana and Prince Charles in Season 4, Episode 6, which shows the breakdown of their marriage and the emotional toll it takes on both characters.

 The final episode of Season 4, which features a powerful performance by Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, as she reflects on her life and reign while watching a documentary about herself.