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True love facts

Long-term love activates brain regions associated with maternal love. VTA and ventral pallidum play a role.

Different stages of love

Stress is common in initial stages of love as cortisol levels decrease, enhancing the stress response.

The initial stress

A broken heart can kill you! Takotsubo Cardiopathy is a stress-induced heart attack observed after losing a loved one.

Broken Heart syndrome

Love affects the brain and changes heartbeats; it's not just about the heart's feelings.

Brain, not heart

True love leads to the release of cortisol, which can lower someone’s immune system response when they first fall in love.

Love and the immune system

Initial love brings stress and euphoria, which eventually evolve into lasting love with reduced anxiety.

Love evolves over time

Married couples in love have better cardiovascular health, with 5% lesser chances of heart risks, as per research.

Better heart health

Intense love equals intense hate if the relationship falls apart. A invested state of mind makes the hurt and hate greater.

Love and hate

Herbert & Zelmyra Fisher broke the world record for the longest marriage. They were married for 86 years and 290 days.

Love is long lasting

Love and OCD share a decrease in serotonin levels, causing anxiety. Studies have shown similar patterns in brain activity.

Love and similarity with OCD