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TV shows with strong female leads for each zodiac sign  (First Six Signs) 

The best TV show theme songs for each zodiac sign

The fierce and passionate Olivia Pope is the perfect embodiment of the bold and daring Aries energy.

Aries: Scandal

The determined and reliable Queen Elizabeth II perfectly reflects the steadfast and grounded nature of Taureans.

Taurus: The Crown

Gemini: Orphan Black

The versatile and quick-witted Sarah Manning embodies the curious and adaptable nature of Geminis.

The protective and nurturing Madeline Mackenzie perfectly reflects the caring and empathetic nature of Cancers.

 Cancer: Big Little Lies

The confident and entertaining Midge Maisel perfectly embodies the charismatic and theatrical nature of Leos.

Leo:The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The intelligent and analytical Alicia Florrick reflects the diligent and detail-oriented nature of Virgos.

Virgo: The Good Wife