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TV shows with the best friendship dynamics for each zodiac sign (First Six Signs) 

The best TV show theme songs for each zodiac sign

The fast-paced humor and strong bond between the characters resonate with Aries' fiery and adventurous nature.

Aries: Friends

The loyalty and comfort of the mother-daughter relationship between Lorelai and Rory align with Taurus' love for stability and comfort.

Taurus: Gilmore Girls

Gemini: How I Met Your Mother

The witty banter and close friendship between the main characters cater to Gemini's love for intellectual stimulation and social interaction.

The close-knit group of friends and their unwavering loyalty to each other match Cancer's emotional and nurturing nature.

Cancer: Stranger Things

The strong bond and glamorous lifestyle of the four women mirror Leo's love for luxury and attention.

Leo: Sex and the City

The nerdy and intellectual friendship between the characters matches Virgo's analytical and detail-oriented nature.

Virgo: The Big Bang Theory