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Weird facts about love

As you go on improving the quality time spent with your partner, your personal well-being improves as well.

Love improves well-being

recovering from a breakup is not easy feat,  is similar to kicking an addiction, and this is completely sourced from science.

Recovering from breakup

An average human will spend approximately 1,769 days socializing with someone they love.

Socializing in love

Love really is the cornerstone of happiness and life fulfillment, the happiness mostly revolving around love or simply searching for it. 

Love and happiness

More than half of the married women do not actually believe that their husbands are, in fact, their soulmates.

Husbands are soulmates?

If you’ve got things to do, you might think a bit before falling in love as being in love makes you less productive.

Unproductivity in love

Brain scans have revealed that women are more responsive to romantic stimuli after eating rather than before.

Connection with food

Statistically, men are both more likely to say “I love you” In a relationship and more likely to go through severe emotional pain after a breakup.

Men and emotions

Most people will fall in love approximately seven times before marriage.

Times you fall in love

longer talking stage = relationship success. Intense romance fades. Watch Coach Natalie for communication tips.

Communication is the key