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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style

You're a master at transitioning from the office to a date, and from a date to a weekend out with a friend.


A Taurus is always fashion-forward and enjoys making a statement with their everyday attire.  Look for eye-catching pieces that will stand the test of time this year.


A Gemini is never a wallflower and enjoys wearing pieces that draw attention and elicit questions.  "What exactly are you wearing?" "And how did you get that?"


A Cancer will always be the most overdressed person in the room! You're a sophisticated, classy dame with a penchant for clean lines and a timeless, classic look.


Leos are known for having fiery, headstrong personalities.  They frequently bear grudges and are more bark than bite.


Virgo, you have a strong affinity for classics and prefer tailored silhouettes.  This year, use your two power colours (red and ivory!) to add a unique twist to your usual look.


Greys, blacks, and navys are wardrobe staples, and this year, keep edgy details like studs, metallic trims, and leather accents in your outfits.


You, as one of the Zodiac's most mysterious signs, incorporate this quality into your style.  Scorpios have an uncanny ability to look put-together all the time—how do you do it?


In the new year, hone your sense of polished yet unfussy style and gravitate towards clean, feminine silhouettes.


Capricorns crave cosy, cosy comfort, which makes sense given that your sign is rocking out in the dead of winter.


Take a walk on the wild side with your style and experiment with bold prints and colours to show off the *intense* side of your personality.


People are drawn to your good natured humour, love of life, and warm personality, but they also get serious style FOMO from you.