Why These 8 Zodiac Sign Feels Trapped

8. Aries

To get where you really want to be, you don't have enough money.

7. Taurus

You've been relying on your parents or a lover since you're not sure if you have the strength to thrive on your own.

6. Gemini

Despite your strong desire for a change, you believe that the time is not yet appropriate.

5. Cancer

Even though you know you belong somewhere else, you don't want to disappoint anyone by leaving.

4. Leo

You've lived in the same location your entire life and are unable to imagine life anywhere.

3. Virgo

You believe that your choice is final and that it is too late to change.

2. Libra

You feel that putting yourself first is selfish, so you comply with all demands placed on you.

1. Scorpio

You have the impression that every time you attempt to move forward, you are pulled backward once more.