Worst Dog Breeds by Zodiac Sign

Every dog has a personality of its own, but dog breeds do come with inherited traits that determine everything from their energy levels and tendency to bark to how much they shed. 

Some breeds are affectionate, while others are more catlike. Based on your zodiac sign, these are the worst possible dog breeds you could bring home. 

Aries folks are known for being hardheaded and direct — sometimes painfully so. They're confident and tell it like it is. It can be a little harsh on the receiving end 

Dachshunds are masters at this. Did you invite someone new over without several days of advanced notice? Consider your shoes peed on 


Jack Russells are impatient, which isn't great for a Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign, and they function a bit like the Earth itself: Land masses move 

Jack Russells are just as hard-headed but opposite in terms of approach. They want to go-go-go. The faster, the better.  

Geminis are a very go-with-the-flow crowd. They have plenty of hobbies and like to keep an open enough schedule to leave room for spontaneity. 

Australian shepherds are stunning to look at, and they're one of the most intelligent dog breeds on record. But they need daily structure to give them a sense of purpose 

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