Yoga can help you relax and connect your mind and body

Deep Breathing: To relax the nervous system and lessen stress, begin with deep, deliberate breaths.

easy positions: To help your body release stress, try some easy yoga positions like the cat-crow or child's pose.

go mindfully as you go through patterns, tying your breathing to your movements to create a meditative state.

Meditation: To calm the mind and encourage relaxation, incorporate times of silence and meditation.

Practice longer-held, passive positions in yin yoga to improve connective tissues and promote relaxation.

Savasana (Corpse posture): To let the body to fully absorb the benefits, end your practice with this last posture of relaxation.

Positive Affirmations: To foster a positive outlook, incorporate objectives or positive affirmations into your practice.

Grounding postures: To create a sense of steadiness and presence, emphasize postures like Tree Pose or Mountain Pose that help you connect to the Earth.

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