Your zodiac animal's lucky stone crafted specifically for you.

Chinese Zodiac was prominent 2,000 years ago. In Chinese astrology, the twelve signs and five zodiac components reflect personality, love compatibility, career, fortune, and more.

Dragon, the fifth lunar sign, is Chinese mythology's most powerful creature. Leaders with a lethal appeal, they're adventurers.

In Chinese culture, Snakes are the wisest, despite their reputation for dread and mystery. This Chinese zodiac is kind to friends but indifferent to strangers. 

Horse people are happy, kind, and eager. They can't hide their feelings and aren't calm. They love socializing.

Followers dominate this zodiac. Sincere, polite, and well-mannered. Their indecisiveness and slow pace are drawbacks.

The monkey is smart, agile, and energetic. Confidence and charm make social butterflies irresistible. They might be arrogant and impatient.

Independent Rooster works hard. They overcome difficult problems. They thrive on attention, yet it might come across as narcissistic.