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Your Zodiac Sign’s Biggest Weakness

You naturally express your ideas and opinions in any scenario, regardless of the context, and you have a tendency to make things about yourself.


Your unshakeable values include not only your own principles and work ethic, but also how you treat your actual valuables and possessions.


You simply have such a short attention span and live in the moment that your entire personality changes based on your current attitude and environment.


You come out as moody when you insist on acting on your feelings all the time, and your particular crabbiness can make you dominating and passive-aggressive.


You need to feel seen and validated, but going overboard and showing off solely to be in the spotlight isn't the best method to gain that approval.


You persist on going above and beyond to make everything better, even though no one asked you to.


When your over-the-top people-pleasing isn't returned, you feel unjustly treated, which leads to eventual conflict.


Speaking of which, here's a little secret for you: You need to relax!  No matter how hard you look, there isn't always hidden symbolism or underlying reasons in things.


You talk over others a lot for a sign that is meant to appreciate learning, and you often discard any views or beliefs that differ from your own.


Your demand for order, at its worst, results in an authoritarian mentality with no tolerance for spontaneity or surprises.


You make it a point to always offer your unique and *special* thoughts.  It derives from the fact that you are the archetypal renegade of the zodiac.



No matter how hard others attempt to keep track of you or hold your attention, you always manage to slip out of their grasp and disappear, earning you the reputation of being flaky.