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Zodiac Pie Chart: What's Your Sign's Slice?

Aquarius is the unconventional, out-of-the-box thinker and Key Lime pie was born from scarcity and innovation in the Florida Keys, using sweetened condensed milk and tart key limes.


Brits credited with inventing cherry pie as an offering to Queen Elizabeth I, a Virgo. Her love for sugar turned teeth black. Listen to Warrant's "Cherry Pie" to clear that image.


Scorpio revels in revenge and is willing to suffer for it. "Stand By Me" showcases a bullied teen's payback with a blueberry pie barf-o-rama.


Gemini swings from sweet to sour, and the rhubarb pie balances the vegetal and candied, the bitter and sweet - a metaphor for life itself.


Capricorn values productivity and ROI. Cornish pasty, a meat pie, was designed for tin miners who could carry it by the crust to avoid dust poisoning.


Aries are impulsive, prone to big bets, and apologies. Legend has it Coconut Cream Pie was born from a debt paid with coconuts, shredded & sold by a miller, making it a national favorite in the 19th century.


Peanut butter pie is a state of mind, a rhapsody of union between sweet and salty. It represents Libra's seventh house of partnerships and joined forces.


Taurus loves easy indulgences like pecan or chocolate pecan pie. High on corn syrup, easy to make with <10 ingredients & ready in under an hour.


Sagittarius is optimistic and resourceful. Leftovers become the palatable patchwork that is shepherd’s pie for the ceaseless optimist of the zodiac.


Leo considers meringue topping essential, like a crown. Lemon meringue pie soothes sunburn and represents Leo season's heat.


Cancers love comfort and home, and apple pie recalls wholesome childhood. Dutch apple pie suits Cancer's craving for crumbs over lattice, a sign who seeks nurturing and attention.


Pisces is the ultimate dreamer and nihilist, making Boston cream pie the perfect dessert for this sign. It straddles the line between chaos and structure, reality and illusion, just like Pisces.