Zodiac Signs Are Most Affected by the May Full Flower Moon.

1. Taurus  Taurus, in a partnership, honesty is the most important thing. Whether you're single or attached, this eclipse prompts you to examine the ways in which your current romantic dynamics aren't working. 

 Taurus  Take this opportunity to examine the relationships that mean the most to you and have some difficult conversations if necessary. A decisive moment occurs when one is unsure of his or her desires.

2. Leo Leo, this eclipse is passing through a very private sector of your horoscope.  Stay the course and be adaptable in how you voice your worries; back home, you may be confronted by an old argument. 

Leo Don't forget that this is a chance to develop yourself and the people you care about by building stronger foundations and establishing a more supportive atmosphere.


3. Scorpio Get ready for a radical shift because of the eclipse's influence in your sector, Scorpio. Trust that these monumental revelations will help you grasp who you really want to be and let go of what's in the way. 

Scorpio  Right now, you may find yourself doubting your identity, values, and the way you portray yourself to the world.

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4. Aquarius No pressure, Aquarius, but this eclipse should make you think hard about your career and what you want to leave behind. According to Wilder, this is the perfect time to take stock of your professional priorities

Aquarius and consider making a major change. Wherever you end up, though, remember to always follow your heart, believe in yourself, and not be afraid of the limelight.