Zodiac Signs' Honeymoon Destinations

Aries: Honeymoon destinations in Hawaii, New Zealand, or Costa Rica would be ideal for an Arian couple because of the abundance of outdoor activities available there.

Taurus The Maldives, Bora Bora, or Santorini would be ideal honeymoon destinations for Taureans because of their reputation as opulent individuals.

Gemini If you're a Gemini, your ideal honeymoon destination would be a city with a thriving culture and lots of options for sightseeing and mingling, like Paris, Tokyo, or Barcelona.

Cancer:  Cancers love the comforts of home and would love nothing more than to spend their honeymoon in a remote cabin in the woods, a quaint rural inn, or a private house on a deserted beach.


Leo Because Leos enjoy the limelight so much, they should spend their honeymoon in a glamorous and exciting place like Las Vegas, Hollywood, or the French Riviera.

Virgo:  Virgos are detail-oriented and love to plan, so their ideal honeymoon would be a journey that allows for plenty of room for organization and improvement, like a road trip, a cruise, or a backpacking adventure throughout Europe.

Libra Because of their penchant for all things beautiful and romantic, Libras would do well to spend their honeymoon in a locale like Bali, Florence, or the Swiss Alps.

Scorpio Since Scorpios are so passionate and mysterious, they should go on their honeymoon somewhere exotic and exciting like Morocco, Istanbul, or Havana.

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Sagittarius  The ideal honeymoon destination for a Sagittarius would be a place where the couple can go on exciting excursions and learn new things together, like the Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu, or the Great Barrier Reef.

Capricorn The ideal honeymoon destination for a sensible and diligent Capricorn would be a place steeped in history and culture, like Rome, Kyoto, or Prague.

Aquarius The ideal honeymoon destination for an Aquarius, who is independent and doesn't like to follow the crowd, would be a place full of surprises and new experiences, like Iceland, New Orleans, or a secluded island in the Pacific.

Pisces Since Pisceans are hopeless romantics at heart, honeymoon destinations like Santorini, Venice, and the Maldives would be ideal for them.