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Zodiac Sign's Ideal Makeup Look

 Aquarius loves quirky trends and new technology related to makeup, says Loftis. They are not afraid to try the latest TikTok trends and experimental beauty products


Virgos prefer classic makeup looks. That means flawless skin, expertly arched brows, statement lip color, perfect eyeliner, and mascara for super fanned-out lashes.


As a Scorpio, you love to look mysterious, and that's why you tend to go for a smoky eyeshadow look.


There's no perfect makeup look for Geminis, as they love to experiment with different styles that match their ever-changing mood and personality.


Capricorns prefer a simple makeup routine with black eyeliner and a soft lip color


Aries prefers a fresh face with minimal makeup, focusing on sunscreen, lip balm, and laminated brows. They prioritize skincare and opt for makeup-skin care hybrids that provide results over following trends.


Libras stick to their classic makeup look but are open to trying occasional trends like a '60s cat-eye, Euphoria glitter, or a red lip. Loftis says if it adds femininity to their look, it's even better.


Taurus prefers no-makeup makeup, with lengthening mascara, a subtle highlight, and blush that melts into the cheeks. They also go for monthly eyelash fills.


Sagittarius loves bold makeup looks with a contoured cheek, statement brow, and bright red lip, according to Loftis. They want to embody the bold glamour filter on TikTok in real life.


Leos love full-on glamour, with lots of sparkle, gold tones, bold lip, and a bold eye. If not in the mood, they’ll save their energy and call it a day.


Cancers love a ’90s-style neutral lip, such as mauve gloss, brown liner, or taupe lipstick. They prefer hypo-allergenic formulas as they are sensitive.


Pisces love pastels and soft makeup with shimmers and accentuated lashes. While you try more daring looks at home, you tend to stick to mermaidcore in public, as you want to look like a romance novel come to life.