Zodiac signs that aren't inherently daring

Taurus The Taurean sign is associated with stability, dependability, and the earth. They are not ones to take major chances or go far from familiar territory.

Cancer - Cancers are very sensitive and emotional, so they may be cautious to take chances that might hurt themselves or others. They favor familiarity over risk.

Virgo -  Virgos are detail-oriented and analytical, so they may be hesitant to take significant risks without a well-thought-out plan. They are careful and meticulous, and they may shy away from potentially dangerous circumstances.


Libra  zodiac sign is associated with peacemakers and harmony seekers. They could shy away from taking risks that might shake things up or engaging in conflict. Taking chances that might harm their relationships is something they might be wary about.

 Scorpios Scorpios have a reputation for being intense and passionate, they may not always be seen as being particularly risky. They are likely to operate in a methodical and strategic manner, seeking to minimize any downsides or dangers.

Capricorn Capricorn sign are known to be disciplined and responsible, with a strong preference for safety and security. They may be cautious to make significant changes or take risks without first giving the matter serious thought.

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Aquarians Individualistic and thought-provoking Aquarians aren't often considered as the most risk-taking of the signs. They may avoid circumstances that appear too hazardous or unreasonable because of their cerebral and analytical nature.

Pisces  Pisces are very perceptive and emotional, therefore they may be wary of taking chances that may shake up their stability. They may not like conflict and would rather pursue a more quiet route to success.