Zodiac's Most Unfaithful Women

Aries Cancerian women are known for their lack of patience. They follow their heart under pressure. And if she chooses the second choice instead of her spouse, that's her prerogative as well.

Gemini Fun, chitchat, and entertainment entice them. They enjoy people and are pulled to them. This ensures that they won't think twice about cheating. They'll break up with them directly.


Leo Leo women are naturally dramatic and like the limelight. They may go elsewhere for fulfillment if they aren't getting it from their current romantic partner.

Libra They struggle with decision-making. If they're tempted, they'll give in. Indecisiveness will drive them to dishonesty despite guilt.

Pisces Piscean women are great lovers, yet they often escape into their own fantasies. They are afraid to commit, and they see cheating as their only route out of their current partnerships.

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Sagittarius are intellectual, outgoing, and witty. They're magnetic. They also enjoy the adventure. Attractive people may seduce. Sagittarius is honorable. Sagittarius women often propose open relationships.