Cowboys Emerge as ‘Sleeper’ to Trade for 3-Time Pro Bowl Playmaker: Insider

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As the NFL rumors intensify, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves increasingly linked to Derrick Henry, a standout player for the Tennessee Titans.

Tony Pauline has identified the Cowboys as a potential sleeper team to trade for Henry, adding fuel to the speculation.


In a recent report on October 26, 2023, Pauline highlighted, “The Dallas Cowboys are the sleeper team expected to be in the market for Henry.

They are expected to be trading for Henry.” The likelihood of a deal seems contingent on the Titans being willing to absorb a portion of Henry’s contract, which could enhance Dallas’s chances.


Cowboys as Ideal Fit for Derrick Henry

With Ezekiel Elliott released in March, the Cowboys elevated Tony Pollard to the top of their depth chart, franchising him after Elliott’s departure.

Pollard’s ability to make significant plays both as a ball carrier and pass catcher complements Henry’s power running style.


Team owner Jerry Jones expressed a desire for substantial changes before the previous season’s NFL trading deadline, but nothing materialized.

Despite Jones’s lack of optimism for a deal this year, Michael Gehlken of The Dallas Morning News reported his statement: “I don’t see anything heated up to a level that would cause something to happen.”


Until the October 31 NFL trade deadline passes, skepticism remains about the team making significant moves.

Financial Considerations and Potential Trade Scenarios

The remaining portion of Henry’s contract, totaling $10.5 million, and the $16.3 million cap charge for 2023 are primary concerns regarding a potential deal.


Spotrac reports that the Cowboys have approximately $11.7 million in cap space, enabling them to make substantial roster additions.

Pauline suggests that the Cowboys would actively seek to negotiate with the Titans to secure financial concessions in acquiring Henry.


The fact that Henry is in the final season of a four-year contract worth $50 million is advantageous for the Cowboys, as it would not restrict their ability to extend contracts for key players.

Evaluating Henry’s Potential Impact on the Cowboys

Acquiring Henry would afford the Cowboys the opportunity to assess his fit within their offense before making a commitment.


Both Henry and Tony Pollard, now the starting running back, are set to become free agents in 2024. Spotrac estimates Henry’s market value at $21.3 million over two years.

Considering Pollard’s current contribution with a franchise tag of ten million dollars and a market value of twenty million dollars for three years in his next deal, the Cowboys face crucial decisions.


Despite being 29 years old, Henry maintains a high level of energy, evident in his impressive performance with a Pro Football Focus rating of 84.3 (out of 100) in the first seven games of the season.

Potential Synergy in Henry and Pollard Partnership

Combining Henry’s physical style, demonstrated by 98 carries for 425 yards and three touchdowns in 2023, with Pollard’s quickness and pass-catching abilities, could create an ideal backfield partnership.


Henry’s 13 receptions for 137 yards during this time showcase versatility that aligns well with Pollard’s game.

The Cowboys, therefore, find themselves at a crossroads, contemplating a move that could reshape their offensive dynamics.


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