Jason Kelce Meets Ice Spice Is Our New Favorite Meme

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When it comes to Super Bowl LVIII, it’s no surprise that all eyes were on Taylor Swift.

The singer, who jetted in from sold-out concerts in Japan, was there to cheer on her beau, Travis Kelce, in his quest for a third championship with the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas.


This power couple solidified their status as the most influential duo of 2024. Swift, known for her love of travel, brought along close friend Blake Lively and rapper Ice Spice, Swift’s date to the Video Music Awards and a collaborator on her song “Karma.”

A Star-Studded Affair

In the VIP suite, Ice Spice, present for some of the most amusing moments of the night, stole the spotlight.


One standout moment was when Swift introduced her newfound friend to Travis Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagle.

Speculations and Connections

As Ice and Kelce struck up a conversation, speculation buzzed about the topics they might be discussing and any commonalities they shared beyond their association with one of the world’s most famous pop stars.


The internet, as expected, had its own ideas.

Moments of Amusement

Adding to the entertainment, Ice Spice seemed to attend her first NFL game, displaying apparent obliviousness to the events unfolding throughout the evening.


This unintentionally made her the most relatable participant for many spectators tuning in from the comfort of their homes.


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