Optical Illusion for IQ Testing: Only 1% can find the Cat hidden among Pigeons in 7 seconds!

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Optical Illusion Examination: Images crafted to deceive the brain and test one’s observational skills are known as optical illusions.

These illusions are classified into three categories: cognitive, physiological, and literal visual illusions.


Despite the widespread issue of shortened attention spans in today’s society, optical illusions have proven effective in capturing and maintaining people’s interest.

They provide an engaging way for individuals to spend time online and showcase their intellectual prowess to peers.


Research has indicated that regularly engaging with optical illusions can enhance concentration and observation skills.

If you’re curious about your visual acuity, consider trying out this optical illusion exam.


Presented here is an image from Nature’s Menu, a UK-based pet food brand, featuring a flock of pigeons in various colors.

Hidden among the pigeons is a crafty little cat.


Your task is to locate the hidden cat as quickly as possible, ideally within thirteen seconds.

Optical illusion tasks like this one are not only entertaining but also offer a means to assess your ability to observe.


While optical illusions are often seen as a way to gauge intelligence, they are just one method among many.

For a more accurate measure of intelligence, it’s advisable to take professionally designed IQ tests.


Now, have you managed to find the cat?

Take a closer look at the picture, noting the array of pigeon colors, including various shades of gray, off-white, cream, and white.


Those with keen observation skills should be able to spot the cat within the given time frame.

If you haven’t yet, remember that the cat is not located on the left side of the picture.


Time is running out!

Can you see the cat now?


These are the final moments.

How many of you were able to locate the elusive feline?


Unfortunately, time has expired for those attempting the challenge.

If you were among the five percent who successfully found the cat within the allotted time, congratulations!


If you’re still curious about the cat’s whereabouts, continue scrolling to reveal the answer.

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