Taylor Swift’s biggest show—Eras tour Melbourne—relived live

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Ladies and gentlemen, cue the drumroll, for we are stepping into a new realm—the ninth era, a sanctuary from Swift’s album cycles, where surprises abound and fans are treated to not just one, but two unexpected tracks.

“Melbourne, welcome to the acoustic session,” Taylor Swift announces with a twinkle in her eye.


“I’ll let you in on a little secret: this is my favorite part.

It’s a moment I get to cherish every single day, selecting songs just for this particular crowd, hoping to bring a smile to your faces.”


The anticipation mounts as the first mystery song is revealed—none other than “Red”!

The crowd erupts into ecstatic cheers.


Meanwhile, we find ourselves glued to a less-than-perfect livestream on Twitch (our sincere gratitude to the provider).

During the surprise segment of the event, Taylor treats the audience to “You’re On Your Own, Kid” not once, not twice, but four times.


Swifties everywhere are rallying for this song to earn a permanent spot in her repertoire, recognizing its profound impact on the concert experience and the bonds it forges among fans.

As for the Eras movie, we’re holding off on viewing it until we’re nursing our post-concert blues.


However, word has it that “You’re On Your Own, Kid” makes an appearance, ensuring we’ll have something poignant to belt out along with our tears.

Let’s rewind to the 1989 era—a time marked by Swift’s high-profile “girl squad” and her brief but well-documented romance with Harry Styles, immortalized in her hit “Style.”


This album solidified Swift’s transition into pop, earning her Album of the Year for the second time.

The music videos from this era are enough to entice fans to witness her live performances firsthand.


Our resident critic, Giselle Nguyen, sums up the event with a touch of humor and regret: “Forever annoyed at my parents for not delaying my birth by another month and a bit so I could also claim 1989.”

Taylor’s trademark “Shake It Off” dance routines call for a wardrobe change, and she opts for a Robert Cavalli ensemble, this time opting for a two-piece suit available in a spectrum of hues—from magenta to brilliant green to dark blue. But tonight, Melbourne is treated to a vibrant splash of orange.


And now, as we near the end (gasp!), brace yourselves for a string of Swift’s greatest hits to date.

Enter the 1989 era, Swift’s inaugural full-length pop album, released in 2014 on Apple iTunes.


In this eighth era, we’re treated to not one, not two, but five chart-topping singles: “Style,” “Blank Space,” “Shake It Off,” “Wildest Dreams,” and “Bad Blood.” A lineup of epic proportions.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for draws near—the unveiling of the two surprise tracks. Stay tuned, folks, for the excitement is palpable.


As the evening progresses, another era is on the horizon, along with two songs not listed on the setlist.

For the uninitiated, Swift treats her audience to two surprise tracks from any of her albums—one strummed on guitar, the other serenaded on piano.


Memories of past surprises, like “Fearless” and “Come In With The Rain,” flood our minds, setting the stage for yet another unforgettable night.

In conclusion, while the final curtain may be drawing near, the magic of Swift’s music continues to captivate audiences, leaving them eagerly anticipating what surprises lie ahead.

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